Best Parasol for Babies

With summer approaching it is time to start thinking about how to best protect your baby from the sun's UV rays. One of the best ways to do this is with a parasol.

3M calypso LED parasol The parasols on the market these days are much more sophisticated than the regular beach style product of the past. Take this 3M Calypso LED parasol (pictured). It can cover a small garden making it a safe environment for babies to play in the shade.
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Even if your baby is playing under a parasol like this you should always apply at least factor 50 sun cream to be safe. Baby skin is very delicate and exposure even for a few minutes in direct sunlight can cause painful burns

2.5m bamboo parasol If you are looking for something a little smaller then maybe this 2.5M bamboo parasol would be more suited. This is great for a smaller garden with the stand being directly underneath the parasol it requires less room. It may be worth adding some soft cushions over the base to prevent your baby falling onto it.
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We hope these tips can help you enjoy the summer with your baby safely!

Posted 1 month ago