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£130.00 Earn up to £2.34 cashback
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£130.00 Earn up to £2.34 cashback
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Glovemakers since 1946 and by Royal Appointment since 1978. Glovemakers of choice to the world of fashion, gloves of timeless style and of the moment, for every occasion, for every mood.

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An elegant evening glove in Duchess Satin with a mousquetaire opening, ‘Antigone’ is a glove you will not want to take off. And you don’t really have to. The mousquetaire has Swarovski buttons which can be opened so that you can take the hand out of the glove and keep your arm covered.

Roll the drums, raise the curtain, unleash the showgirl! Duchess Satin and feathers have their time and place. Now is the time; here is the place.

A wrist length glove in pure Swiss cotton jersey. This style is designed with a keyhole and bow.

Angélique | Tulle Glove with Bow - Only £145!

Mia | Silk Glove with Side Bow - Only £175

Giselle | Silk Glove with Bow - Only £190!

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Simple and flawless, a classic short glove in Duchess Satin. No frills, just bows. A perfect 'cocktail hour' glove.

A full opera length glove, ‘Hermione’ is the glove to choose when you want to dress to the nines. It is as classic as it can get. Made in our Duchess Satin, this glove will tell a story that people will want to hear.

Isla is our new everyday style in Swiss Cotton Jersey. No airs or pretensions, just two small buttons (we do love a button) and a keyhole.

Phoebe | Silk Opera Glove - Only £185!

Theodora | Silk Opera Glove with Mousquetaire - Only £225!

Desdemona | Silk Opera Glove with Mousquetaire - Only £245!

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