Energy Helpline Cashback & Promo Codes

Save up to £30 as cashback when shopping at Energy Helpline.

On average our members received £27.00 cashback

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About Energy Helpline

Save up to £461 on gas and electricity for your home. Compare ALL UK suppliers including internet, standard and fixed tariffs. Switch in minutes. energyhelpline is one of the UK's leading gas and electricity price comparison services.

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Cashback Types

  • Default No Cashback
  • Dual £27
  • Bb No Cashback
  • Elec £13.5
  • Gas £13.5
  • Rgdual £27
  • Rgelec £13.5
  • Rggas £13.5

Average time till payable

Energy Helpline cashback usually takes 23 weeks to become approved. This is calculated from the average time of past cashback earnings to become payable. This should only be used as a guide and we cannot guarantee that cashback will be paid within this timeframe.