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Claim up to £3.15 cashback when shopping at Giffgaff.

On average our members received £0.45 cashback from a £1.00 spend

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About Giffgaff

Great value SIM-only deals packed full of data and unlimited texts and minutes. Check out our range of mobile phones all unlocked with free next day delivery when ordered before midnight.

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Cashback Types

  • Default £0.45
  • Cts8 / Frs12 / 30d18 Sim Order £0.45
  • Cts8 / Frs12 / 30d18 Giffgaff Generic Goodybag £0.45
  • Cts8 / Frs12 Giffgaff Free Sim £0.45
  • Cts8 / Frs12 / 30d18 Giffgaff Activation Bonus No Cashback
  • Wbm Cpl £3.15