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Save up to £27.00 as cashback when shopping at Switchd (Utility Switching Service).

On average our members received £13.50 cashback

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About Switchd (Utility Switching Service)

Save £100s each year as our impartial service searches the energy market every day, then automatically switches you to the best energy deals.

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Cashback Types

  • Default £13.5
  • Free Switching Monitoring £13.5
  • Lite Switching Service Level £13.5
  • Standard Switching Service £18.9
  • Premium Switching Service £27

Average time till payable

Switchd (Utility Switching Service) cashback usually takes 16 weeks to become approved. This is calculated from the average time of past cashback earnings to become payable. This should only be used as a guide and we cannot guarantee that cashback will be paid within this timeframe.